Carol Roquemore is the C.E.O. and Founder of Canine Support Teams, Inc. Disabled by polio as a child, Carol is uniquely qualified as a trainer and a client.  She understands, at a very deep and personal level, what a service dog can do and what they mean to our clients. Carol leads a small yet dedicated staff and an army of volunteers to provide skilled service dogs to those in need. She regularly marshals the energy, resources and people required to carry out the CST mission with rare empathy and passion.

Training Director

Shara’s journey as a K-9 instructor began in 1995, when motivated by her love of dogs she trained a service dog for her niece who is developmentally disabled.  After her success training her first service dog, she decided to seek out an organization where she could further develop her skills.  The search led to Shara to Canine Support Teams, Inc. where she has worked and volunteered since 1996.

Responsible for training dogs to do highly skilled task work to assist the disabled and for teaching inmates at CST’s prison dog program to train the dogs, Shara approaches every dog training experience with excitement and joy.


Shara’s public training has included; teaching both private and group classes for animals and their owners, in addition to teaching studio training and handling methods for the entertainment industry, including complicated behaviors for studio animals like: Lifting a leg on command, digging on command, go to mark on visual indicator, etc.  (These dogs were used for movies, music videos and photo ad campaigns.)

As a Canine Behaviorist, Shara is able to assess problems and suggest remedy training techniques unique to each dog.  It’s fair to say that Shara has trained literally hundreds of dogs from a variety of breeds and personality types everything from basic obedience behaviors to complicated task work.  Shara is also an AKC Canine Good Citizen Trainer and Evaluator.


Shara’s approach to training is simple; “build a relationship of trust and leadership and the rest will fall into place.” 

Training Instructor


Deborah Norman was one of the original trainers with the Prison Pup Program at California Institution for Women in 2012. Deborah brings 13 years of Service dog training experience and a BIG HEART to our training staff.


Deborah proudly represents the dozens of women who have been served by CST’s rehabilitative programs. She is a model of success and a valued addition to our team.

Marketing & Development Director

Administrative Assistant

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