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Katherine Morrison


On a normal day in 2001, Katherine called in sick to work thinking she had the flu, but it was unlike any flu she'd ever had. She quickly became too sick to work or do household chores. She was diagnosed with Lyme’s Disease and several other complications that accompany it.  


Sixteen years later, she  still experiences flu like symptoms daily, along with many other symptoms that come and go.


Katherine was able to get a service dog from Canine Support Teams  in 2005.  She told us, "I had no idea what good medicine a Service Dog would be in my life."


Rosie became Katherine's companion and partner in routine daily activities. She helped Katherine get up when she fell, to get up from a chair when needed; she  was there when Katherine fell in a creek and needed her assistance to get back up.


Katherine learned to take better care of herself because she needed to be well enough for ROSIE. She no longer allowed herself to overdo it, which would normally result in being down for several days. 


ROSIE served Katherine faithfully for eleven years.  ROSIE passed away last year and Katherine has missed her loving partner every day since.

Tina Crillo


I was born & raised in Monterey County, CA.  I was planning to attend school to study physical therapy when I was diagnosed with scoliosis and arthritis that prevented me from attending school or going to work.  Those two conditions combined with other medical issues make it difficult for me to grasp and hold items.  Even with these challenges, I enjoy spending time with my family and going for walks on the beautiful beaches in Monterey.


I am currently relying on my family to assist me but I would like to be more independent. This is why I would like to have a Service Dog; one that could help me retrieve the items that I drop (because of my tremors) or can't hold.  Also, a Service Dog would decrease the emotional stress that make my condition worse.  A Service Dog would be my partner, helping me throughout the day.


I would like to return to being a contributing member of my community and a Service Dog would help me reach that goal.  I am extremely grateful to be given this opportunity, and I thank you for your support.

Karen McCullough


Karen received her first Service Dog from Canine Support Teams in 2004. SYDNEY served Karen faithfully for over ten years before he passed. To compound her grief, Karen fell and broke her hip just two days after losing SYDNEY. As is often the case, Karen's disabilities worsened over the years but SYDNEY made it tolerable. His loss was a stark reminder to Karen of her disabilities. The long-standing, trust relationship she had built with her partner to help her in her daily activities was now gone. Simple, routine tasks were once again impossible without assistance.


Please help Karen achieve her goal to receive a Successor Dog (not a replacement, because no dog can ever take the place of a beloved partner) so she can begin anew with freedom & independence.

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