Meet our Clients that are waiting for a Service Dog.

Kathy Adams

and *STAR*

One of the most difficult experiences is being helpless to ease the suffering of a loved one. Whether a spouse, a child or a beloved animal, there is little we would not do to help them be whole and well. 
STAR is a faithful, loving Service Dog to her partner Kathy, who relies on STAR daily to help her live with debilitating seizures. Recently, Kathy received crushing news that STAR requires life-saving surgery. This expensive procedure is beyond Kathy's means, making the situation even worse. So, she turned to CST and our supporters for help. Your donation will ensure STAR receives the medical care she needs and Kathy will have her partner in independence by her side for years to come.

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Support Kathy & STAR:

Melissa Stiak

Melissa was a busy, involved mother of four, despite struggling with symptoms of undiagnosed conditions.  Like many moms, self-care took a backseat to caring for her family. Melissa's aches & pains, numbness, and loss of muscle control yielded conflicting test results and ambiguous diagnoses. 


After many years of working at Von's. Melissa sustained a serious OJT back injury.  She says that incident "woke the beast" and all her chronic conditions symptoms became severe.  Her conditions were finally identified as a series of auto-immune disorders and Complex PTSD that affect her brain function, memory, digestion, metabolism, equilibrium, muscle control. Doctors agree that she has likely suffered from flare-ups of alternating conditions since her mid-20s.  Since the back injury and subsequent unsuccessful surgery, the myriad conditions ALL seem to be active at once.


Melissa still enjoys the fellowship and support of her family - welcoming them to her home for celebrations, holidays, and gatherings. Melissa maintains an upbeat spirit and attitude, along with her self-deprecating sense of humor. Of her memory issues she says, "I make Dory look GOOD!" Her hope is to once again enjoy walks on the beach with her husband, Mike, AND with a trusty Service Dog by her side.


Support Melissa:

Regan Levy

My name is Regan Levy.  I'm a college freshman at Michigan State University studying mathematics, psychology, and secondary education.  I hope to be a teacher someday.  I’ve been inspired by some amazing teachers that have helped throughout my external and internal issues.  I’ve always been a good student with drive and ambition to do great things in the future; I want to help students just as my teachers helped me.  


However, I suffer from generalized anxiety disorder and depression, which makes a lot of activities very difficult for me. Most days I can make it to classes, but sometimes it's a struggle to get up out of bed, brush my teeth, and shower.


I have tried so many different things: medication, years of therapy, “toughing it out” – but I still have these depressive episodes and my anxiety disorder.  In my better moments, I dream of finishing school, and being productive in my life – yet depression and anxiety make me feel so apathetic and alone.


I know that I can do great things for others; it is my life goal, but I know at this point I cannot do it alone. I may never be able to cure myself of these disorders, but I do know that a Service Dog can help me to better manage my episodes.  A Service Dog will be my partner in managing my illness: s/he will be my “medical equipment”, akin to a walker, wheelchair, or cane.
I believe ay Service Dog can help me achieve my full potential.

  ~  Thank you all so much for your help.


Support Regan:

Alex Ferber

Alex is a college student that has battled health issues all her life.  Making an early arrival at just 27 weeks, this "Preemie" has already overcome many obstacles.  She has a passion for animals and is majoring in creative writing in school. Anxiety, depression, and PTSD forced her to take a year away from her studies and they prevent her from enjoying the full, independent life she longs for as a college student. Alex is ready to move on with her life and her recovery with a Service Dog. She is excited to go back to school, get her own apartment and get back to doing things she loves.


Support Alex:

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