Our Prison Pup Program is an excellent example of a rehabilitation program that really works.

In September of 2002, the California Institution for Women (CIW)  in Chino, CA, became the first prison within the state of California to have a Service Dog Training Program.  Canine Support Teams is proud of its “Prison Pup Program”  where the inmate trainers play a vital role in the advanced training of our service dogs for the disabled community.


CST has gone on to start 2 additional programs at; California Institution for Men (CIM) & The California Rehabilitation Center (CRC).


CST Founder and CEO, Carol Roquemore, takes joy in the fact that in addition to serving those with disabilities, the Prison Pup Program also positively impacts the lives of the participants. “We’ve seen many inmate trainers go on to be gainfully employed in the animal training and animal care industry upon their release from the prison system. Nearly every single Prison Pup Program participant has stayed out of prison after their release, so we know that our program is an excellent example of a rehabilitation effort that really works.”


At the CIW, CIM & CRC programs, the dogs are assigned to an inmate trainer at 18 months of age, after being raised in a puppy raiser home where they are well socialized and taught basic obedience skills. They remain at the prison for 4-6 months. CST staff provides instruction to the inmate handlers weekly, training them to become dog trainers, canine behavior & service dog specialist.  This is one of the longest standing prison dog programs in the nation!

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