Well-raised puppies are the lifeblood of our organization,
and it starts with you!

Most of our Puppy Raisers not only love dogs, but more importantly – they want to make a positive difference in the life of someone who is disabled and seeking greater independence!




Our Puppy Raisers are very special people, and we depend on them to help get our puppies off on the right paw.


As volunteer "foster families", you receive your puppies at about eight weeks old.  As a Puppy Raiser you will be teaching the pup about love, trust, bravery, basic obedience, and socialization.


You’ll take your pup just about everywhere you go: to movies, church, theme parks, bowling, restaurants, stores and malls!  You’ll get it used to public transportation like buses, trains and airplanes.  They can go with you on vacations.  You’ll expose them all the things they could encounter as working Service Dogs so they become confident and comfortable in any situation.


Puppies are constantly learning during their first year of life! You’ll enjoy attending our specialized training classes and outings along with other Puppy Raisers and learn to teach your puppy basic obedience commands like  sit, down, stay, heel and come.   We encourage you to have as much fun as possible with your puppy!


Becoming a volunteer Puppy Raiser of a future Service Dog is a 15 to 18 month-long commitment of time, energy and love. Every day through care and training, Puppy Raisers provide the critical foundation that puppies need to begin formal Service Dog training.  There are few things in this world more heart-warming than seeing your pup work seamlessly with its disabled handler and knowing that you’ve given someone a level of independence that s/he didn’t have before. Where else can one person have this much FUN making such a direct, profound, positive impact on another person’s life?

As a volunteer Puppy Raiser most or all of your expenses are tax deductible; food, toys, and mileage to/from classes and outing are included.


CST will provide shots and will pay for rabies shot and spay/neuter.


CST is a 501(c)3 non profit organization, please refer to your tax consultant for detailed information about deductions.

Puppy Raisers are supported by our Canine Support Teams Dog Training staff who arrange monthly events in a variety of settings and provide tips on care, grooming, training and manners. In addition, we offer specialized obedience classes at the CST facility.


All first-time applicants are asked to fill out a Puppy Raiser Application and will be interviewed before a puppy is placed in the home. We prefer that our raisers live in the Southern California area, but exceptions might be made under special circumstances. Children and pets in the household are a plus!


The most important trait of puppy raisers is the dedication to provide daily care to a puppy and consistency in its socializing and training. If you decide to open your home to a puppy, you will receive a Puppy Raising Manual to help you prepare for life with your Future Service Dog.

We are always in need of good tempered puppies. 


If you are a breeder who would like to donate a puppy, please contact our Puppy Raiser Instructor by phone 951-306-8285 or via email  cstpups@caninesupportteams.org

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